The Compound Gallery is an extension to Compound's original creative office space. Compound was the hub of all things art, fashion, sports, and music. It served as a space where creative people and ideas came together to push the culture forward. Opening in mid-August, Compound's new gallery space will serve as an outlet for all forms of art from Photography, Visual Art and Street Art and Sculptures. The Gallery will be a more open and available space for art lovers and creatives to showcase their art, as well as a space to host events and brainstorming creative teams looking to be inspired and create culture.

LEVELS Episode IV: The BX

Brian Kirhagis aka BK The Artist

April 3, 2019 - 

Life is defined by levels. The one above you - where you dream to one day reach. The one below; a reminder of where you've been and how it all began. And the one you're on right now in this moment, somewhere between a little further than before and not quite there yet. Each level has its own unique perspective. Everything depends on your view, therefore it's vital to choose your own lens.

This exhibition showcases 30 powerful pieces, both never-before-seen and favorites from previous collections spanning multiple years and techniques.

“I Got A Gallery…I Got A Show”

Compound x Jonathan Mannion


September 12, 2018-October 17, 2018

Jonathan Mannion is one of the country’s most acclaimed portrait photographers and a singular sensation within the world of hip-hop. His 25-year career includes over of 300 album covers ranging from Jay-Z to Eminem to D.J. Khaled. Notable advertising campaigns including Beats by Dre’s

“Straight Outta _____”, Cadillac, and Bushmills, and editorial work for The Fader, Vibe Magazine, and Complex. Jonathan has photographed over 500 of the most important rappers, actors, athletes, artists, designers, and tastemakers of his era. Compound Gallery will feature 40-50 images of Jonathan Mannion’s work. Showcasing some of his most iconic portraits in Hip Hop history. The Exhibition will include

rare and never before seen images of classic hip hop legends.

“A Way Out”

Compound x King Saladeen


October 24, 2018-November 21, 2018

Raheem Saladeen Johnson, a Philly native trying to survive a broken community plagued by a cycle of violence and poverty, donned himself 'King Saladeen' and used his art as a means for escape. Driven by his late friend John JP Thompson, 'JP The Money Bear' was born in testament.


Partnering with Compound ​​and Set Free, a fellow Philadelphian, these visionaries have honed their creativity and crafted alternative ways to excel in their perspective fields and are now giving back.

'A Way Out' is a redemptive story told through art showcasing King Saladeen's identifiable character in a range of mediums and colors. These works serve to commemorate loved ones lost to cancer and highlights Cancer Awareness.

A portion of proceeds made will benefit Philadelphia's Abramson Cancer Center and their #PhillyFightsCancer initiative. 

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